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Friday, June 10, 2005

It's too darn hot

I keep hearing Ella Fitzgerald singing "It's too darn hot" in my head. And it is too darn hot by my standards! I am a temperate girl, and I don't do well with extreme heat or extreme cold. It has been 90 degrees F here for the past five days and it's only June. If it were July or August, I'd suck it up and tell myself, "Well, it IS July (or August), what do you expect, so just deal with it already". Ok, enough whining.

Not much knitting has been done. I am 75 rows into the second sleeve for Deli, but the angora or cashmere in the yarn is making my hands sweaty. I have done some sock knitting, which is a bit cooler to knit. Still no pictures. Oh, I have taken them and even downloaded to my computer. However, my home computer is slower than molasses in January flowing up hill, and I have not got the patience to sit dripping with sweat while I wrestle with the software. Did I mention the computer is in the hottest room in the house? Maybe I can sit there in the buff with a wet towel on my head?

I'm off to my parents home for the week end. They have air conditioning!!! Yahoo!


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