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Thursday, June 30, 2005

What to do?

Deli is finished except for weaving in the ends and knitting the i-cord ties. Never mind that it has been over 90 degrees all week. I just want her finished. I bought 10 balls of Cashcotton DK and it should have been enough to knit the small size, according to the pattern. My gauge was spot on too. Well, we know how that goes don't we? I have used every scrap of yarn, I even unravelled the gauge swatch. But I still have to knit those i-cords. The LYS only had 10 balls in apple green, and I bought them all. They say they can order a ball for me. But, I asked them to do that in January for another project, and it finally arrived at the LYS at the end of April. So, the choices are: 1.) Search yarn shops further afield burning $2+ a gallon gasoline; 2.) Order from an on-line store and pay the shipping as well as the price of the yarn; 3.) Search Michaels and/or Joann Fabrics for a suitable ribbon in a matching color, although I really don't want ribbon ties. I guess I'll sleep on it tonight and think about it tomorrow. Me and Scarlett O'Hara. And, the dang camera batteries need recharging again. Hence no photos of Deli. Happy Fourth of July!


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