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Monday, July 11, 2005

I do like to knit socks! The visit to the Knit Shop, where I bought the yarn to finish Deli was well worth the drive. They had tons of really beautiful yarn. Although I was very tempted, I reminded myself of my basket of unfinished projects waiting for me to pick them up and knit them. But I simply couldn't help myself when it comes to sock yarn. Those little yarn skeins whisper, "Take me home, you'll only need two of us". And so, these found their way into the stash. I've never used either of these yarns, so I get to try something new. I have seen a couple of nice examples of the Broad Ripple Sock knit in Cascade Fixation, and I like that pattern, I've knit it before in sock wool. It would be fun to try that. First I have to finish the pair of socks I already have on the needles. And then, I promised my Mom I would knit her a striped T shirt sweater she saw in the Patternworks catalogue. I'm still waiting for Patternworks to ship the yarn though. We shall see.
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