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Friday, July 15, 2005


Lordy, but it hot and humid again. Not much knitting going on. I finished felting a tote bag. I'll photograph it after I sew the straps and button on it. I'm trying to limit myself to working on unfinished projects, but they are all wool and I'm not motivated to do much with them. Patternworks still has not sent the Marco Polo yarn I need to knit my mother's sweater. It is still backordered. I called them yesterday to see if they had shipped it yet, but alas, they still haven't received it from the manufacturer. It was scheduled to arrive on June 30. I did visit the LYS yesterday to browse for a good button for the felted bag. While was there I decided to buy Rowan 37. After all, I couldn't leave with just one button! So I have that to drool over this weekend.

Work has been the pits this week. And it looks like I'll have to come in tomorrow to finish some stuff I didn't get to today. Sigh.

Went to the baseball game last night. My Indians lost 1-0 to the Chicago White Sox. Bah.

I just invited myself to my parent's house for dinner tonight. They have air conditioning! Yeah! And Mom has a well stock wine rack, too. And I need a hug.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger Birdsong said...

I agree that it has been just too hot to knit wool! I am trying cotton for awhile.... stay close to that air conditioning.


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