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Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday, Monday

I woke up this morning to look in the mirror and see a broken capillary in my right eye. It's not painful, but nasty to look at. I have a weak blood vessel or vessels in that eye and about every 6 months, it pops. It takes about a week to resolve, and makes me really self-conscious.

Today would have been the 36th anniversary of my marriage, if I still had one any more. All those hopes and dreams.

I'm a believer is choosing your attitude, so right now I am choosing to enjoy the day as best I can. Sort of Pollyanna-ish, I know, but it works for me. On the drive to work, I saw a beautiful Great Blue Heron make a graceful landing in the local, urban "Duck Pond". Those tremendous strong wings, trailing legs and the long neck were lovely. That's a moment to remember.

In knitting news, the sleeves for the Marco Polo T are done. Next is seaming it and then knitting the neck band. I like to do finishing work in the mornings when the light is good and I'm fresh. Maybe I'll take Wednesday off, the carpet cleaners are coming first thing anyway, and I don't have any appointments scheduled. The dog could use a bath, so we could make a trip to the local dogwash. And maybe I'll drive to Catawba Island for fresh Red Haven peaches. Well, we'll see.


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