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Friday, August 12, 2005

Sleeve Island Ahoy!

I'm spending the weekend on Sleeve Island. Now that the front and back of the Marco PoloT are complete, I'm ready for sleeve knittin'. It should be a short sojourn since they are short sleeves. And they are simple stockinette stitch, so bring on the Margaritas. But with my luck, the cabana boy will be balding and have a beer belly. I once signed up for a private, all afternoon skiing lesson in Aspen, while the ex and a friend were being macho on the black diamonds. I'm a pretty good skier, but not particularly daring. I showed up at the Ski School after lunch expecting one of those gorgeous, young, blond, Scandanavian types who make their living teaching skiing at places like Aspen. And there were indeed many just like that there. But the one I drew? Forty if a day, graying hair. But very nice and I did have a good time that afternoon. I'm just saying.


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