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Monday, December 26, 2005

A Merry Christmas

I host the Family Christmas Eve Dinner every year. Being surrounded by those I love and who love me is truly Christmas for me. Oh, we eat the festive dinner and exchange gifts, but just being together is best of all. My sister's family comes from Chicago, as does my brother. My parents and my sister-in-law and neice and nephew come from their homes here in town. My son comes from Arlington, VA. This year we had to do without my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren. The grandchildren live in Maryland and it is just too far for a three and five year old to travel this time of year. So they are having Christmas in their own home and starting their own Christmas Eve traditions. We exchanged phone calls several times during the evening and the next day.

Here are my Mom and Dad opening gifts. Thanks for giving me the gift of life.

I did indeed finish the Gryffindor House Scarf, here modeled by the recipient, my nephew.

My sister loved the House Elf Socks.

A Merry Christmas to All!


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