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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Conwy Socks are Finished!

Actually I finished these socks on October 30, but, well life got away from me for a while there. I love the Lorna's Laces yarn and will definitely use it in the future. I followed Nancy Bush's pattern for Conwy exactly, and I'm pleased with the way they fit without being loose in the ankle. I have also finished one sock in the Folk Sock Knitalong, which is the Lativian pattern. I don't usually experience second sock syndrome, but don't feel very enthusiastic about casting on for this one. It's those size 0 needles. Sigh. But I'll get to it eventually.

I really have been knitting but just not photographing it and I feel like I can't post if I don't show what I'm working on.

What else has happened in the past month?
1. Hosted a Bridal Shower for 24 in my home
2. Father-in-law in hospital for one week.
3. Father-in-law in my home for two weeks with home health aide, visiting nurse, physical
therapist paying visits
4. Father-in-law back in hospital for five days
5. Father-in-law transferred to long term care facility for skilled nursing care
6. Cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 16 people
7. Daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren from Maryland visited for five days
8. Son from Virginia visited for four days
9. Hospital where I work had an accreditation survey (I'm responsible for preparation and coordination of survey activities. We passed the survey. Whew.)
10. Planned and held hospital's annual Quality Improvement Celebration
11. Had episode of "non-specific" chest pain, hospitalized overnight, but no problems with my heart were found. Just stress, no doubt.

Anyway, I have been busy. Even though my husband and I are separated, I help care for his father, who is 90 years old. We've been separated three years now and have found we can be friends.

Must stop here and actually do some work.


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