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Friday, September 30, 2005

Knit for a princess

This is a quick post before I leave for Maryland this afternoon. Princess Katy is having her 5th birthday party this week end. The party theme is, of course, a princess one. Although I have several birthday gifts for her, I am knitting one as well. It's the denim pinafore from Erika Knight's book Simple Knits for Little Cherubs. This is a picture of the back. The front looks just like the back. I have done a three needle bind off on the shoulders and knit the picot edge for the neckline and one arm hole since taking this picture. Still to be done is the other picot edge for the remaining arm hole. Then the whole thing plus some yarn for seaming goes into the washer. Finally, I'll have to seam it. Since I'm leaving town, it won't get done this week end, but should be finished in time for her actual birthday on October 5.

So, I'll try to post a picture of the finshed pinafore next week. Bye for now!


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