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Friday, December 16, 2005

Finished the Shopping? Ho Ho Ho. Not.

I have done so little shopping, I'm not certain why I am so laid back about it this year. I should be in a panic, right? Every evening on the way home from work, I think to myself, "Self, you should go to the mall tonight and pick up a gift or two". But the weather has been so nasty (sleet and freezing rain yesterday) that I just head for home. I did have the chimney sweep here this week, so I can now use the fireplaces without being paranoid about burning the house down.

The car is in the shop tomorrow morning for an oil change and a new head lamp. Then I'm attending a wedding in the afternoon with a 6:00 pm reception. That will shoot Saturday. I invited friends over for dinner on Sunday evening, so between church, a vist to FIL in the nursing home and actually doing some cooking, Sunday is pretty full too.

Knitting progress: The Gryfinndor House scarf now has 9 of 14 repeats completed. I'm trying to complete one pattern repeat a day (38 rows of 90 stitches each). If I can do that, I'll finish it.
I did cast on for Latvian sock #2 while waiting for the yarn for the scarf to arrive in the mail. I haven't touched it in a week, but did complete the picot hem and one pattern repeat. It will have to wait until after Christmas. The yarn for the Whitby socks has also arrived. So much yarn, so many projects, so little time. Oh, why can't I retire and knit all day? Oh right, no work, no money for yarn. Ah well. Maybe I'll win the lottery. If I buy a ticket. Wait, that's more shopping!

Must stop here and do some actual work before the employee Holiday Party starts!


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