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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Missing in Action

The House Elf socks are finished and I cannot find the stupid camera. There will be no picture of them today. Actually, they turned out pretty well, kind of ugly-cute. I had to frog the leg of the first one. The color work section did not stretch enough to go over my heel. This was solved by casting on and knitting the next size up. Then I began on the short row heel. It had wraps, which had to be picked up. The first attempt was awful and I frogged it. The second attempt, after consulting knitting references to be sure I was picking up the wraps correctly (and I was) was better but still messy looking. I frogged and gave it one more try, but it was no better. It must be something about my technique. I gave up and simply knit a classic round heel. Much better! The second sock knit up quickly as I didn't repeat the mistakes of the first sock.

I cast on for the second sock of the Lativians. I have just the picot hem and one repeat done. I'm just working on them as a break from another project that is not going well. I can't explain without photos, so that's all I'll say today about that.

I should know better than to decide to knit Christmas gifts. This year I swore I wouldn't do that to myself, but I am weak! I intend to knit two Gryffindor scarves for my nephews who are Harry Potter fans. I ordered the yarn, worsted weight wool of the Andes last Sunday from Knitpicks. Last time I ordered from Knit Picks, the yarn arrived the next day! I think their warehouse is in Ohio. But of course it is December and package delivery is slower. I wish now I had paid extra for two day delivery. It is now Wednesday and the yarn has not arrived. Hopefully, it will come today. I also ordered some Louet Gems Opal in sport weight from Kirtland's Yarn Barn to knit the Whitby socks in the KOTR-knitalong. These will be a gift for my brother. My plan was to knit the scarves while waiting for the sock yarn. We shall see, they may all get gift cards from Borders.


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