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Friday, March 10, 2006

I knew I was going to hate this

Warning: this is not about knitting. I haven't done any. Well, I have, but keep making mistakes and I knit an inch, rip an inch, knit an inch, rip an inch. 'Tis indicative of my state of mind.

Having said that, the house goes on the market today. It is a historical landmark, built in 1923, with beautiful oak millwork, Tudor architecture, hardwood floors, woodburning fireplaces and details found in houses of that era. It has been well maintained, but it is an old house. Because it is a landmark, there has been some initial interest when it got out on the realtor grapevine that is was going on the market. I agreed to allow two agents (in the same office as my realtor) to bring clients through for a sneak preview. Those showing were Wednesday and last evening.

I swore to myself that I was not going to take any remarks made by people viewing the house personally, because tastes differ. And the house will not be right for everyone who looks at it anyway. Well that did not last very long. I just got off the phone with the realtor's assistant. The people who looked at it last night are interested enough to ask to see the disclosure statement, which is ok, I would expect that. I was told that the people who looked at it Wednesday liked the first floor, but the second floor "fell apart for them" because it was "frumpy". I assume they meant the decor, which I will admit is what I would describe as basic.

I just had all the wallpaper on the second floor stripped and all the walls, woodwork and ceilings repainted in neutral white and off white shades. And it was not cheap to do so. I don't know, it isn't like my frumpy furniture, curtains etc. aren't moving out with me. The carpeting will stay, but they could pull it up because the floors are all oak hardwood floors. Then they could move in their tasteful furniture, hang their tasteful window treatments and artwork and live with them. Oh well, I am sure they will find the perfectly decorated house of their dreams. And I don't want them to have mine anyway, so there!!!


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