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Monday, January 16, 2006

Pride goes before tinking back

Darn that Beadwork! I've added a couple of inches and was beginning to feel like I might actually be making progress. Just as I was thinking, "You know, I must finally be getting all three charts down, I haven't had to do any ripping or tinking for almost a week", I saw it. A mistake four rows down. So I spent 45 minutes this morning tinking back to the mistake. So not how I like to start the day. Also, I finished the ball of Scottish Fleet I was using on this project and went to dig a new one out of the stash. I discovered that there were only three balls left. I still have to knit the left front and two sleeves! I bought this yarn two years ago, so there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that I'll be able to get more in the same dyelot. Well, I'll see how far it goes before I order any more. I was just wondering what that dark rectangle was at the bottom of this picture. I finally realized that it is my pager, clipped to a lanyard that has my corporate ID. I guess it swung forward when I leaned over to take this picture.

On to a more hopeful project. I've almost completed the first sock, just the toe left to do. Of course, it's just simple stockinette and not too prone to mistakes due to lapses in concentration.

Have a good one!


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