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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Still Waiting

The Naturespun yarn for the Country Socks hasn't arrived from Patternworks yet. So, being totally fickle, or maybe it's because I'm a Gemini, I had to cast on for a new pair of socks. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multiringel, shade 5030. I'm using US size 2 double points and a generic sock pattern from I forget where. I'm feeling very virtuous that the yarn is from my stash. Never mind that the day I bought it I just stopped in at the LYS to pick up a package of US 2 needles and came out with $75 dollars in yarn and pattern books!

I'm still adding a few rows a day to Beadwork, but there are some good reasons (excuses?) why I'm not spending a lot of time on it. The yarn is dark, and unless the light is bright it is difficult to see the pattern, particularly when working a wrong side row. Daylight is preferable. There are three different charts involved and if I don't really concentrate I make a lot of mistakes. This means no TV or conversation. Add a glass of wine and for sure I'll be tinking back in the morning. Therefore, Beadwork has been relegated to the 45 minutes or so knitting I allow myself before leaving for work. I've added an inch to it since the last picture--boring, I know.
So no photo, it would look pretty much like the last one.


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