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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alice Still Lives Here

Meet Alice. Santa Claus brought her to my daughter Christine on Christmas 1973 and she has lived in our house ever since. I took her off the shelf in the Teen Suite on the 3rd floor of my house to model the Berry Cute Hat. It's a lousy picture, taken by flash since it is a very gloomy overcast day in Cleveland. Poor Alice, she actually looks a little scary in this picture, but she is really very bland in person.

I am thinking about selling my house and downsizing to a condo. It's a huge decision. I love my house, but one person and a dog do not need three floors, seven bedrooms, three bathrooms and two half baths. I'm reluctant to leave over thiry years of memories, mostly good ones. And then there is all the possessions accumulated over the years. Still I think it is time. Maybe.


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