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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Not much knitting here...

I have finished the lacing stitch socks, but it has been too overcast to get a good photo of them. There was very little knitting over the weekend (including Friday) because I drove to Maryland for the weekend to visit Katy and Jack. I haven't figured out how to drive and knit at the same time! In fact, I had trouble driving and staying awake at the same time, both coming and going. I don't know if it is advancing age or what, but I was really having a hard time staying awake. I had to pull off the road three separate time on the way to Maryland and twice on the way home. Walking around a bit helped, then I would stop at the next service plaza and get a venti size Starbucks coffee. I tried chewing gum, mints, music playing at deafening volume, and an audio book. I really hate driving.

The weekend was also notable for much activity on the realty front, which unfortunately did not result in selling my house. All of a sudden three separate couples decided that my house was the ONE. They were all in and out of the house multiple times on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday trying to decide if they were going to make an offer. In the end, on Sunday night, only one couple did. Their offer was $59,000 below my selling price. Well. The real estate market is very depressed in our area, and there are many, many homes sitting on the market not selling. I personally know two couples who have had their homes on the market for over a year, have moved out into the houses they bought, and are now desparate to sell. I'm sure the buyers assume I'm desparate too, but I haven't bought anything and so I don't absolutely have to sell. The contract with the realtor is up on September 10, and I'm just going to take my house off the market.

My mother told me last week that she and Dad are going to move to Indiana in the Spring to live with my sister and her family on land they own in the country. I don't think this is a good idea for many reasons, but my sister has been pushing them to do this for years and has finally succeeded in convincing them they will save money living there. Her last good idea was to convince them to buy a time share in Mexico that they can't use (to hard for them to travel to), can't rent (agent says no one wants to rent it) and can't sell it (agent says no one wants to buy). It makes me sad, but their minds are made up on this.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I started the Icarus Shawl. This is my first lace project and I thought this pattern might not be too difficult for a new lace knitter. I am using Suri Alpaca lace weight yarn in a soft blue-gray color. If it turns out well (yet to be seen) it will be gorgeous.

I'm at work and lunch hour is over. Gotta go.


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