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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nature Notes

The Spiral Eyelet sock is coming along very slowly as it is being knit on size 1 needles. I'm still working on the leg and haven't reached the heel flap yet. I knit on it while watching Scent of a Woman on HBO last night. I hadn't seen it before and I liked. I'm an Al Pacino fan.

Yesterday while driving to work I passed a small lake locally known as "the Duck Pond" and saw seven great blue herons fishing. Seven! In spite of living in an urban area, Shaker Heights with its mature trees and landscaping attracts quite a lot of wild animals and birds. I usually do see one and sometimes two herons at this particular lake. But seven is really amazing. I was very tempted to stop and take a picture, but had a business meeting to get to. I looked again this morning, but there were only four today. I also do some birdwatching from my office window. I'm on the second floor, overlooking a small courtyard. There is a large ornamental cherry that was just gorgeous this Spring when it bloomed. Now it is laden with tiny cherries, to the delight of the robins and cedar waxwings who are feasting on them. The tree is right outside my window, so I get a birdseye view of it all.

Ok, I'll quit with the bad puns. Bye.


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