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Friday, January 30, 2009

There will be no photos for this post. The camera is in the desk drawer with dead batteries. Also, I have been very lax about photographing my knitting, so there probably aren't many pictures on the memory card anyway. I have done some knitting, let's see if I can remember what I did anyway.
  • Sea Mist Mittens: stuck on the thumb of the first mitten. I simply haven't had the energy to figure out the pattern.

  • I finshed a pair of fingerless, embroidered gloves from a pattern in Kristen Knits as a Christmas gift for my friend Debbie. I made them from scraps and odd balls of worsted weight yarn in the stash. It's a shame I didn't photograph them because they did turn out well. I must say that I knit much better than I embroider though.

  • At least three ball band dishcloths in Christmas colors of red, white, and green. The pattern is in Mason Dixon Knitting. I don't know why, exactly, I knit them except it was sort of soothing knitting away with the TV or CD player going in the background. I still have one green one that didn't get given away so I suppose I could photograph that one.

  • A pair of mittens for grandson Jack in "Washington Redskin colors". I can't even remember which book I found the pattern in, it was a rush job for a last minute Christmas wish. This Grammy is a sucker for requests for handknits! I had some worsted weight Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks in the appropriate colors in the stash, so I just used that.

  • One pair of socks I still have in my possession, so I'll try to photograph them when I get new batteries for the camera. They were just plain stockinette with a reinforced heel made from some Kroy sock yarn that I picked up at Michael's while shopping for something else. It's a self-striping yarn in the Summer Moss colorway. I started these socks a couple days after Christmas one afternoon at my Mom and Dad's house. My sister and her family were visiting from Chicago and she and I were sitting in the living room chatting while I knit. I finished one repeat of the stripes and said, "You know, this looks familiar, I think I have used this yarn before for a pair of socks." My sister took a look, laughed, and stuck out her foot. She was wearing the socks knit from that yarn!

  • The Wee Willie Whistle sweater from Louisa Harding's book Miss Bea's Band. This was knit in about 10 days for a baby shower gift for the daughter of a dear friend. I used Rowan All Season's Cotton yarn in a dark blue for the main color and red for the contrasting trim color. I am kicking myself for not photographing this one, but it was barely dry after a wash and blocking in time for the baby shower.

I received two knitting books for Christmas, Stephanie Pearl McPhee's Free Range Knitter and the new Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. I really am enjoying both of them.

Ok, this post is going up, unfinished as it is!


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