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Friday, October 10, 2008

Traveler's Socks

I finally got around to getting pictures of the finished Traveler's socks, though because I took them last night in artifical light, they are not great. Why is it that camera batteries die so quickly? Or is it maybe just my camera? It seems to me that they die even if you don't actually use the camera. I put new batteries in a couple weeks ago, took a few pictures of my grandchildren, and when I tried to turn the camera on last night, they were kaput. I had to replace them to take these pictures. When I first bought the camera I had rechargable batteries, but after awhile they didn't hold a charge, so I threw them away. I guess I'll get some more rechargable ones as I still have the charger. Why am I rambling on about batteries anyway? Here are the finished socks:

Surprisingly, they are a little too big. I was going to give them to my sister, but she has little feet. I have size 8 feet. I think this pattern was a Women's Medium in size. Oh well. They are still bright and pretty, and I had fun knitting them. They may tighten up a little after a trip in the washer!

Here's the current sock on the needles:

The pattern is called "Old Navy" and the Designer is 1870 Pearl. I'm not sure what the yarn is, as it is from the stash and the label has been lost. I think it is an Opal yarn.

And here is a close up of the detail.

I actually have another project finished too, and I hope to get it blocked this weekend.


At 12:38 PM, Blogger auntie pita said...

I LOVE the new socks!!! (both pair)


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