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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Finished Object and Stranded Color Progress

Remember the hat I finished that looked bad on my head? Here it is on another head. And it does look much better.

Want a closer look? I still need to buy a button to secure the flap. For now I just pinned it with a snowflake pin. Since I won't be wearing it, I haven't hustled out to get a button. I must do this, just in case I find someone who looks good in it. My daughter probably would, but she doesn't often wear hat. Probably afraid she'll get hat hair.

Here's a shot where you can see the yarn better. It really is a lovely yarn, a chunky weight merino, Classic Elite Paintbox color 6820. I had just the one skein, purchased on a whim one day at the LYS.

I've made some progress with the Camelot sock too. I got as far as the gusset, which is where I was before when I realized it wasn't going to fit.

This is a shot of the heel flap. And here is another, of the pattern on the front of the leg.

I'm using 5 needles to knit this. Normally when I use 5 needles, the heel flap stitches are divided, half on needle #1 and half on needle #2. Then the stitches across the instep are divided half on needle #2 and half on needle #3. The pattern instucted you to place the stitches as the picture shows, probably to keep the cross motif lying flat. You could use four needles instead of five, and just have the instep stitches alone on needle #2, but this isn't recommended by the pattern's author. So I am doing it her way.

Very little progress has been made on the Forbes Forest Scarf, I think only about 1/2 a pattern repeat. Working full time really cuts into the knitting time.

That's it for today.


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