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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Get Out of Bed, Mr. Coffee's Dead

Well, not really. But you know, that kind of morning. Got out of bed reluctantly, due to staying up too late watching John Candy in Uncle Buck. I know, but it seemed quite funny, probably due to the Jamieson's on-the-rocks the Ex and I were drinking. He came over to help me put up the Christmas decorations. Anyway. The driveway had six inches of snow and the snow plow service I contract with was nowhere to be seen. Called and got an answering machine. Left message. "I am a NURSE and I work at a HOSPITAL and no matter what else is closed, canceled, or snowed-in, I have to be at work. YADDA YADDA YADDA. Managed to back the car out of the driveway without getting stuck. Apparently the cities of Shaker Heights and Cleveland have not yet got their collective snow removal act together. Drove through slushy snow to work in 20 minutes instead of 10. Everyone on the road has forgotten how to drive in snow since last winter. Make it to work. Open my office door to be buffeted by a heat wave. Totally my fault, I was cold yesterday and turned the heat up and didn't turn it down when I left last night. Fluorescent light fixture flickers and dies. Email work order to Plant Ops. Decide to call my buddy Phil in maintenance. Get voice mail. Leave pathetic message that if rest of hospital is not falling apart this morning, could they fix my light fixture so I do not have to work in the dark? So here I sit by the light of my computer monitor. The day can only get better, right?

Ok, knitting. The Forbes Forest scarf now has 11 pattern repeats and I am at the end of the third of five skein of yarn. Two more skeins or 10 pattern repeats, whichever comes first. I'm make slow progress with the Alice Starmore vest. Over the weekend I completed the checkered border and the first 25 pattern rounds. If I get any light at all in my office today, either daylight or fluorescent, I'll take a picture and add it later. I'm enjoying the changing colors, even if it's a slow process for me.
Edited later: I left the camera batteries at home, so here is a picture from my scanner. Not the greatest, but you can get an idea how it's going.


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