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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween, Happy Birthday, Happy New Scarf!

Yesterday was my Dad's 82nd birthday. Here he is, talking on the phone to his grandson Steve (my son) while the candles burn on the cake. Isn't he a dear? I think so. It was a quiet celebration, just Mom, me and the two dogs. The big celebration was a couple weeks ago at my sister's in Indiana. We had a yummy dinner of shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, and a standing rib roast. Here's Dad carving the roast beef.

Chelsea and Missy stand by, as the carver has been known to hand out a few scraps .

The rib bones were saved for later consumption out-of-doors. Missy took her bone home wrapped in foil and had a before bedtime treat in the back yard.

I received a package in the mail containing this:

Ann from Colorado knit my ISE scarf and made a knitting project bag for me too! I can't wait to show off the knitting bag at the next S 'n B at Dewey's Coffee House. Here is what I found inside the bag:

One very lovely cabled scarf in shades of blue and violet. It is so me, and will look super with my navy winter coat. I must confess, I had to email my ISE pal yesterday to tell her that it will probably be another week before I finish her scarf. I have completed 19 of 25 pattern repeats, so the end is in sight.

And finally, a Happy Halloween to all. May your kids bring home lots of chocolate!


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