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Monday, October 16, 2006

Family News

It was a good weekend. I finished Katy's sweater and it has been washed and is blocking now. Picture tomorrow. I also did a little knitting on the Jaywalker sock. The heel has been turned. Knit Picks sent the wrong yarn, Merino Style, not Elegance. I ordered on line, and had a little trouble with the website. I put what I think was Elegance into the shoping cart and then decided to order an Elegance colorcard while I was at it. After leaving the shopping cart page to order the color card I had some trouble getting back to that page. I don't know if that was the problem or not. Anyhow I got Merino Style instead of Elegance. The packing slip said Merino Style, so it wasn't the case that whoever packed the order put the wrong thing in the box. So I can't start Midwest Moonlight just yet. I've have to re-order the Elegance. I think I'll do it by phone this time. I also think I'll just keep the Merino Style. Look at this! I don't know this knitter's name but here is her blog and she knits beautiful things. So the Forbes Forest Scarf is now on the unofficial want-to-knit list for me.
My son Stephen called to tell me he passed the Virginia Bar Exam. He lives in the District of Columbia and had already passed the Maryland Bar Exam. Then he was hired by a law firm in Virginia and so he had to take the Virginia Bar Exam as well. He's quite relieved to have that behind him.
I got a new car this weekend. It's Pontiac Torrent, in Sonoma Red (a deep red) and I love it already. It will be great for those long drive to Washington, DC to visit my children and grandchildren.
Daughter Chris called to tell me that Katy's soccer team won their first game 8-3. Princess Katy scored 5 of her team's goals. Princess Katy? The dainty little ballerina? The child who prefers dresses to pants and nightgowns to pajamas? The diva who orders a frappaccino and scone at Starbucks? The little beauty who is perfectly at home at Tea at the Ritz? Chris assures me that it was that Katy! Coach is calling her "Katie Hamm".
Enough bragging. Gotta go.


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