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Friday, October 06, 2006

Midwest Madness er, Moonlight

I keep calling this pattern Midwest Madness in my own mind, must be a Freudian slip (ho, ho).

I love it and think it's beautiful. Perhaps it's my difficulties with lace knitting (see Icarus incident in last post) that is the association with mental problems, as in "She must be mad to attempt this lace stitch". Nevertheless I am committed (to the project, not the nuthouse) here. It will be the scarf for my pal in the International Scarf Exchange. She is an East Coast resident and I wanted to send a Midwest themed scarf. The yarn has been ordered (Elegance from Knit Picks) and I hope to have Katy's sweater done this weekend, so that I can cast on for the scarf. Oh dear, must do some work. Bye.


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