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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Strolling along with Jaywalker

It is dark and rainy today, so dark that I didn't get a picture of Katy's sweater before leaving for work. I did take a picture of Jaywalker today at lunchtime. I've turned the heel and am working on the gusset.

Progress on this sock has been a slow stroll. The yarn is dark, and the needles small (size 1) and if (when) I drop a stitch, it is murder finding it and getting it back on the needle. I find this irritating, and so I'm not enjoying knitting them so much. A lighter color yarn might have been a wiser choice. It really isn't the pattern, as it is all over the knitblogosphere, and others have liked it a lot. I did order the Elegance yarn from KnitPicks yesterday, so I should have something more enjoying to work on soon.

Last night there was a political fundraiser at my house. I didn't have alot to do with it, other than providing the house. My Ex has a brother who is running for Congress from a district near Dayton, Ohio and he (the Ex) had asked if I would be willing to let him hold a fundraiser for his brother at the house. Well, we own the house jointly, and he was willing to have a caterer do the food and clean-up, so I said yes. The turnout was small. I hardly thought this was surprising since it was for a candidate not only from another congressional district, but the opposite end of the state. After everyone left the Ex, the candidate and his wife, and I were sitting in living room talking. The candidate then asked me if I would buy, or ask my parents to buy, an airline ticket from London, England to Dayton, Ohio so that his older daughter's British boyfriend could come over for election day. I was taken totally by surprise and I guess I'm such a wimp that I didn't know what to say to such a request and so I said ok. Afterwards I was so angry at myself. Why did I let myself agree to such a request? I mean only one thing to this man. M-O-N-E-Y. And he thought I should ask my parents for money for such a purpose!! Don't even want to go there. I haven't taken a vacation myself in a year, as I spent all my savings fixing up the house that did not sell. I don't have any cash to spare and it will have to go on a credit card. Later I asked my Ex what he thought, and he said, "It's just like another campaign contribution". I guess he thought such a request wasn't out of line. The Ex was very active in politics during the years we were married. A lot of sleazy stuff goes on, and I was really turned off by it. It was one of the things that eroded our marriage because he really loves the political life. I hadn't forgotten this, but I haven't thought about it much in the past four years either. It bothers me that politicians always think someone else should pay for everything. It was so blatant in our state capitol that an ethics law was passed. It doesn't appear that much has changed though. Oh well. I do feel a bit better now that I have written this. And there will NOT be anymore fundraisers in my house.


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