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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

By Golly the Sun is Out

I have done 8+ repeats of the zig-zag cable on the Forbes Forest Scarf and 14 repeats of the center cable (I forget what that one is called). I think of scarfs as a quick project, but this one is a lot of knitting. I think I have done as much knitting as would have for, say, the back of a sweater. I'm a bit more than 1/3 through--it's 21 zig-zag cable repeats long when finished. I also finshed a hat, namely, the Republic Hat. You can see Gibknits version here. What you will not see here is my version, because, as our Canadian friends would say, it looks like "arse" on me. I do not have the requisite hollow cheeks! So, I don't know what I will do with it. And the camera batteries are kaput for today anyway. Maybe I can figure out a way to take a picture without me modeling it tomorrow. The yarn I used is worth looking at anyway.
Not much else to say. Still haven't blocked the front of the Train Track Vest.


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