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Friday, September 05, 2008

Traveling Woman

I have done some traveling this summer, first to Naples, Florida for a week in June and recently to Southern Pines, N. Carolina to attend the wedding of a good friend's son. These socks, however did not travel with me, as juggling three different color yarn skeins do not make for portable knitting! The pattern is Lucy Neatby's Traveler's Sock from the book Socks, Socks, Socks. I was in the mood for some stranded colorwork and I was able to find some colored sock yarn leftovers in the stash. The white is Regia sock yarn (4 ply, I think), the pink is Special Blauband, and the purple variagated yarn is Brown Sheep's Wildfoot in a color called "Rhapsody". It's interesting to note the differences in the three yarns as I've been working with them. The Regia yarn is a sock yarn I've used many times and like for it its smooth feel and stitch definition. The Blauband is a yarn I bought online at, I think, at Royal Yarn. It is a really nice yarn, softer than the Regia, but I don't think Royal Yarn carries it anymore. The Wildfoot is not, in my opinion, an easy yarn to knit with. It splits a lot, and is very uneven with thicker and thinner areas. I won't buy it again. I 've actually finished these socks and they are washed and drying on the sock blockers. I'll try to get a good picture this weekend of the finished socks.


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