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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Finished items

I feel like I can't (shouldn't?) post if I don't have some knitting to show. So, I finally do have something finished to talk about. These are the Child's First Socks. I liked the pattern, but the Paton's Kroy yarn won't ever be a favorite. It's not as soft as many sock yarns, and it splits, which is annoying.

I have been doing some other knitting, but I'll save the pictures for a future post. Two more pairs of socks, and a shirt knit with Rowan Summer Tweed. I don't seem to be able to tackled large projects lately, not sure why that is. I've always knit a lot of socks, but I've always had a sweater or a larger project for home knitting, as opposed to on-the-go, waiting for who or whatever knitting.

Another finished item. My divorce was final July 2. Did I blog about this before? I don't think so. Not that there is much to say. My marriage is finished. I took my vows for life, but the man I married didn't and hadn't for a long time, and he filed for divorce. Life goes on. I'm just trying to live a day at a time and find something good in every day.


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