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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is NOT a Knitting Post

This is, I guess, a divorce post. If there is such a thing. Last night I went to a Divorce Care support group at my church. I've been going to the support group for a while, this was my 5th session and it does seem to be helping. It's mostly women, but there are a few men who show up. Last night a man came to his first meeting. He introduced himself as Bill. The subject for the meeting last night was care of your children in divorce. He has 5 children, including a set of twins. He has shared custody with his ex, but she is causing major difficulties (I won't go into detail). As he talked about where he lived, where his ex-wife lived, his ex-wife's first name, and so on, the pieces fell into place. My ex had an affair with his ex. How weird is that. See, I live in a small town southeast of Cleveland. I don't even think you could call where I live "Greater Cleveland". It takes me 50 minutes to drive to work on the eastern edge of the city of Cleveland. He lives in an outer ring suburb on the far west side of Cleveland. It has to be an hour and half, maybe more from the church we were sitting in. It doesn't follow that we would end up in the same divorce support group. Except, he knows Father Dan (our priest) and he works in the town I live in. I don't think he knows who I am. I'm pretty sure that I just said my name was Barbara (I have an uncommon last name). I think he probably knows his wife had an affair with my ex. He did say his wife was the one who "cheated". But, my husband had multiple affairs, and sometimes I knew who the person was and sometimes I didn't--I just knew the signs were all there. I don't know for sure that his ex had just the one affair with my ex. It's possible that the affair he knew about might have been with someone other than my ex. It's not like I would go up to him and say "Guess what we have in common?". Still, an awkward situation. If he knows, I mean. If he comes back next week, I'll try to avoid using my last name.


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hello Barbara,
I just found your blog through Crazy Aunt Purl and I just wanted to reach out to you as someone who has been through similar things in my life. I was happy to read you are attending a support group. You will benefit from that. I would let the situation with the man who's wife was involved with your ex evolve the way it is supposed to. It may come out, it may not. Keep the focus on yourself, although it must be a constant reminder to see him.
Your knitting is so beautiful. I so much want to learn to make sox but have failed at every attempt to do it on my own using books. Someday!
I wish you well and will keep reading now that I have found you.jamlm


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