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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

This is the second part of the Deep Creek Lake Saga. On Saturday afternoon we all went out to a local christmas tree farm to cut trees for my daughter's family and her in-laws, Bob and Mimi. We drove way up to the top of the distant hill you see here, where the "big" trees were.
We tramped around the entire hill, so that daughter Chris could examine each and every tree to find the very best one.

We looked at a lot of trees, and Chris finally chose one a few feet from where we parked the car! But, she claimed, it was the best and how could she be sure unless she looked at them all?

Tom and Stephen cut it down and it was hauled back to the car.
At the foot of the hill, the tree was put through a machine that wrapped twine around it to bundle it up and it was then secured to the roof rack on the car.

Bob and Mimi then chose their tree from one of these pre-cut trees.

I'll end this post with some pictures of Katy and Jack playing in the snow back at the house.

No knitting pictures for this post, but I have actually finished a couple of small things. I just have to take some photos of them.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Deep Creek Lake

The day after Thanksgiving, we packed up two cars and my son, my brother, my parents, myself, and two dogs headed for Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. The plan for the weekend was to relax and visit with my daughter, her husband and two children, and her in-laws Bob and Mimi. Not to forget Bob and Mimi's dog Skipper! So there were nine adults, two children, and three dogs in this 5 bedroom house. It was full, but cheerful. This is the back of the house. It's built into the side of hill that slopes down to the dock on the Lake where two boats are kept in summer and sun bathing and swimming take place. There is a big deck the length of the house accross the front, with a grill and picnic table and lots of chairs for lounging and reading and just sitting in the sun. I didn't get a picture of the front because the snow was too deep to wade around to the front. Since it was winter, we contented ourselves with indoor activities like sitting by the fire:Here are "Gigi" (my Mom) and "Grandpa" (my Dad) rocking and toasting their toes.
We did a lot of reading:

Son-in-law Tom.

My son Stephen and son-in-law Tom.

We played games:

Uncle Steve, Katy and Jack play Candyland. Jack won, but we suspect he may have stacked the playing cards in his favor! We also had some wild Zingo tournaments, but I didn't get a picture of that as I was too busy shouting "dog", "house", "smile" etc. to leave the table and get the camera.

Katy and her Great Grandpa spent some time looking at family photo albums.

The dogs were not neglected!

And enjoyed long walks through the snow.

That's all I have time for today. More tomorrow.

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