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Monday, June 09, 2008

"There's always someone worse off"

Well, yes. There's a discussion going on in the comments section on Crazy Aunt Purl's blog today. High gas prices, high food prices, worry, anxiety, stress--and someone always saying some variation of "it could be worse, you know". General consensus of those who commented was that although true, it really doesn't help alot of us feel better. I don't know. I think after what I've gone through in the past couple of years, I don't say "it could be worse" much anymore, and then only to someone really, really whinny. The economic situation in this country does affect us and our sense of well being, and it scares us, because it feels like we don't control it. I don't feel like I have much control, although I do think carefully about driving anywhere, about spending every dollar, and looking for ways to save however I can. I don't think our government is going to do anything about the energy problem. Sure, Congress grilled the oil company executives in hearings, but are they going to do anything? It seems like they just want the voters back home to see them on CSPAN giving the oil companies hell. I could say I won't vote for my Congressman and Senators if they don't take some action, but the people who run against them may not be any better. Maybe they need to hear people complaining! My two cents worth.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Making Progress

I've finished the first sock of the Child's First Sock Pattern and made a start on the second. Not exactly speed knitting, but progress none the less.
Hot weather has arrived in Northeast Ohio. We've gone from the 50's and 60's directly to the high 80's and low 90's. I had my air conditioning checked this week, and I have needed it since then. I had hoped for a couple weeks of temperate weather where I didn't have to run either the furnace or the air conditioning, but it hasn't happened. I love sitting on my screened porch to read or knit in my Amish hickory twig rocker. I got to do this for exactly two evenings before the humidity and heat even in the evening made knitting uncomfortable.
I've also been busy planting flowers and weeding around my patio. My condo is shaded by trees, so I've planted mostly impatiens and a few shade tolerant perennials.
Oops, gotta go. It's Sunday morning and I have to leave for church.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Long Time, No Post

I really didn't mean to abandon this blog. Life just overwhelmed me for awhile. I have been knitting--mostly socks, some mittens, and a couple of sweaters for the grandchildren.

Just to catch up (if anyone cares)

  • January 2007, unexpectedly sold the house in the city I lived in for 28 years.

  • February 2007, began search for a condo.

  • March 2007, bought condo in the countryside.

  • April 2007, moved to condo in countryside

  • July 2007, much restructuring and upheaval in my workplace. But, I still have a job.

  • November 2007, divorce papers arrive by certified mail. The Ex moved out some time ago, but still he could have told me. Really.

  • December 2007 to present. Hanging in there. Not alot of fun, but things could be worse.

Here's a pair of socks I'm working on.

Not the best picture, I'm afraid, although the color looks pretty true on my monitor. The pattern is Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern, from Nancy Bush's book, Knitting Vintage Socks. The orginal pattern that she adapted was a child's sock, but her pattern fits US woman size 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 shoe. I'm using size US 1 double points, and the yarn is some Paton's Kroy from the stash (bought from Elann some time ago) in the shade "blazing blue". That's it for now.

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